1. Volunteer
Yes! Join the out reached programs in your community, your university or to the foundations your office is supporting. Go and look for an organizations that you think you can contribute something or spend time over the weekend in doing charitable works.  Remember that its time to help build the young ones to the right direction. Be a good citizen. Be a blessing to others.

2. Have a break, Take a vacation. 
We have mandatory vacation days. Whether you can use it to go visit home, business appointments or bum at home. Don't use them all for not going somewhere new and exciting! Make a bucket list of all the places you want to visit. Or do take the opportunity on Cruise ship. You have your own money now. And you deserve it. Explore, have fun, and be happy. Be adventurous

3. Just want to have fun, Have a crazy night(s) out. 
You don't even have to drink every time you go out. In fact, you don't even need to go out that much. You don't have to go wasted every time you go out. At least make one wild night this year when you do go out (preferably more than one). Everyone needs a good story every now and then.

4. Always Think. 
I know their are lots and lots of gadget in the market. Think before you spend. Think before you eat. Think before you tweet. Think before you drink. In 20 something we encounter problems that we don't seem to take seriously. Yes! We do! We receive our salaries, so we spend it. We can't say no to friends. We don't eat healthy food or properly, yet drink too often. We post whatever is on our mind on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram without even thinking the consequences of our actions afterwards. So, You think before you do anything. Be responsible.

5. Cook something. 
Well, as an adult, you need to learn to cook. You should know how to cook eggs, toast your bread or pancakes and know how to use the oven. Since you know how to those, it is time to add a twist to it. You must learn to cook meat and other recipes. Use the oven, stove, or even the grill. Cooking is good, you learn how to prepare your food, you become healthy as well.

6. Oh! Get rid of fake friends. 
Absolutely! The most important thing to do is to stop being fake yourself! You are already a Young Professional and in the real world. There's no need to pretending that you're like this and that. Always remember not to be mean to people, bad karma is real. You're too old for that kind of things. Grow up! Focus your energy on old and new friendships that are true and real. Be you and not to worry about other people. Remember that you should know yourself better than anyone else. You cannot pleased everybody but always have self respect. 

7. Buy something valuable. 
Whether it is a Laptop, a phone, TV, tablet, designer shoes, designer watch, or a designer bag/s. It is time to treat yourself. You deserve it for all the hardwork. Buy something that you cannot never afford when you were in college. Since you received you monthly pay it is time to splurge but always be responsible. Watch your money. Do not buy what you know you cannot pay in the future. Be mature. Be a responsible adult. 

8. Have a Me time.
It is important that you take care of yourself and contemplate. Whether you watch a TV show or movies, or go to the spa. Take time off from all the hectic days. It is time to sit down and relax and to never think of anything else for a while. 

9. Be a family oriented. 
Family are very important in our lives. We cannot be who we are if it wasn't for our parents and siblings, grandparents and relatives. They were the ones who help us shaped who we are now. Remember to greet them on their birthdays or see them if you can during the holiday seasons or family reunions. Never fail to communicated them every now and then. Give them a call to catch up and make them feel special. 

10. Be extra active. 
Go to gym twice a day everyday or do take walks around your neighborhood three times a week. Busy is not on your list. Each and every one are busy but remember what you do now reflect on the future. You need to make time for it, maybe during weekends or after office hours everyday , or right before you go to bed. Make it happen. Do it! You don't only get fit, you are getting a healthier lifestyle and state of mind every single day.

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