Finding the perfect mate can be a long and confusing process. In fact, it can drive you crazy. I used to be confused as to what opening line I should use, or how I could convert a new friendship into a romance. I
used to be apprehensive around the opposite sex. I used to say, "I just don’t understand." I used to believe fate was my only ally in finding the right romance. But I don’t think that way anymore. Things have changed.

The purpose of this is to take the frustration out of meeting and selecting people to date and improve all your current relationships. It will also help you make better choices and be more effective at accomplishing
your relationship goals. Whether you’re looking to settle down with Mr. or Mrs. Right, or you think it would be exciting to know that anytime, anywhere, you could walk right up to an attractive person, develop
rapport, create chemistry, and if you choose, get a date. If you apply what you learn in this book, you can do just that. I can. My friends and clients who use the skills outlined in this book can do it –anytime, anyplace, regardless of circumstances. I have met and started relationships in elevators, parking lots, movies, and grocery stores and even had women give me their phone front of my own date!

Not only is it gratifying to know people find you interesting, but it is a lot of fun too!
You may have had failed relationships in the past, and you may even have been burnt once or twice. Whatever your past experiences were, they will now improve. What you will learn is a method of understanding people, which will help you avoid painful mistakes and help you create the kind of pleasure in relationships that you deserve.

How do you find that ideal relationship? The answer is not simple.

Initial Contact
There is no way you can meet the person of your dreams if you stay locked in your room daydreaming. Many of you have met so many losers, users, scum, drunks and neurotics that you feel it is better just to stay home. The reason you may feel that way is because you haven’t mastered one of the most important parts of dating: recognizing the right person and screening out the others.

Recognizing The Right Person 
You probably know what you’re looking for—physically. But is that all that matters to you? Haven’t you had a partner who was physically attractive but their personality was a dud? If you want successful relationships, you need to start looking for the personality characteristics that you like. Then you can start using both your heart and your head to make decisions.

Emotions vs. Logic
Emotions are powerful motivators; we sometimes follow our heart ignoring what our head tells us. This is especially true when we have plenty of emotional information ("he is soooo hot!") and very little logical
information ("I’m not sure if he lied to me or not"). Unfortunately, this scenario is typical of new relationships.
I can speak from experience from a man’s point of view. More than once I’ve been a sucker for a beautiful woman and I know that this is a common problem. It’s happened to me...her physical beauty overtakes
my emotions and my emotions overtake my actions. I find myself daydreaming about her. I can picture us kissing on a beach at sunset while the theme to Love Story plays in the background of my mind like
some “B” movie. I forget to eat, can’t sleep, and find that nothing really matters except being with her. The scary thing is that these feelings happen before I even get to know her!

Then, I analyze both sides of the equation. On the emotional side: she is beautiful, she makes me feel good, she kisses nice, I feel warm fuzzies in my belly when she holds my hand, and my friends think she is hot. On
the logical side: she isn’t too bright, her laugh is irritating, her mom is more irritating, she is too picky about her food, and she doesn’t like Jimmy Buffett concerts. What is happening? The logical side of my
brain is presenting a strong case for changing my phone number and not telling her what it is! Does any of this zaniness sound familiar? As time goes by, I begin to be bothered because she doesn’t understand my jokes,
she’s stubborn, and she is not a good dancer. Suddenly, she isn’t as attractive as she was in the beginning. Slowly, the logical side of my brain comes back to life saying, “Bart. Wake up!” Once I do wake up,
the relationship dissolves. We part as “good friends” and I start the cycle again. Does this sound familiar?

I am not suggesting that you discard your emotions and become a stoic philosopher. But if you investigate more deeply on a logical psychological level, your heart can have a bit of logic to balance out those important decisions. Use your logic to avoid the losers. As you become more selective and know what you’re looking for, you will be able to find what you want. Some people are then totally amazed when they begin to actually attract the kind of people they want! Picking up this book was the first step in attracting the person you want.


What you must learn to do is recognize the good prospects and eliminate the bad prospects before you get emotionally involved. Once you get emotionally involved, your logic becomes fuzzy and not very useful. That is why I recommend you take every opportunity to know the person’s personality in detail. This will show you how.

Besides, the techniques you will learn are also great for breaking the ice with strangers. What you are really doing is eliminating the bad apples before you spend time, energy and money. What you must remember is
that if he or she has some serious bad traits, you must be able to say “No, thank you,” right off the bat. If you can’t allow your logic to control your actions at the beginning, you will be helpless once you get involved. The key to this process is selectiveness. Once you begin to recognize the good traits and invite compatible people into your life, your life will suddenly be filled with choices of which good prospects you want to date
or mate.

Why Don’t They Make Cliff’s Notes On People?
Do you remember literary classes in school where instead of reading the whole book, you read the Cliff’s Notes? Those little black and yellow miniature books gave you a summary, an outline and all the meat of the
book, in about ten minutes. I used them because I always wanted to find the easiest and quickest route to achieving my goals. Who wouldn’t? Wouldn’t it be nice if you were given the Cliff’s Notes of every person in which you were interested?

You can! In relationships it’s not called Cliff’s Notes, it is called Neuroanalysis, more commonly known as the combination of handwriting analysis and NLP (neuro linguistic programming) for interpersonal
relationships. You can use neuro-analysis to determine if someone is compatible with you within the first five minutes after you meet, maybe even sooner. It is fast, accurate, and allows you to get a complete summary instead of choosing a lover by the cover.

What Is Neuro-Analysis?
Neuro-analysis is the combination of modern neuro-sciences with the empirical study of personality. Over the years, behavioral scientists and handwriting experts have categorized neuro-muscular tendencies as they
are correlated with specific observable personality traits. Each personality trait is represented by a common neurological brain pattern in each individual possessing that trait. Each common neurological brain pattern has an associated neuro-mechanical micromovement tendency. Therefore, every person, regardless of sex, race,
ethnic background, or language with that personality trait will share the same neuro-muscular tendency.

“ Any sufficiently developed technology is Indistinguishable from magic.” - Arthur C. Clarke

In plain English, this explanation of handwriting simply means that there are very small neuro-muscular movements that are the same for every person who has a particular personality trait. The movements are so tiny that they have to be graphically frozen to be identified. Handwriting is an example of this graphically frozen movement. Analyzing and interpreting that data is the science of neuro-analysis. It takes handwriting analysis and the neuro-sciences one step farther.

You may be asking yourself, “How is handwriting going to help me get the man or woman of my dreams?” By the time you finish this book, you will not only understand how to find and choose the right person, but you will know how to make the person you choose like you as well. Handwriting will help do both.

Creating Chemistry
The third step to finding the ideal relationship is creating chemistry. This means that you have passed the first two hurdles, you met and you recognized each other. Now what? You must develop chemistry or, as
some say, fall in love. There are various ways to create this love chemistry. The best way is to create rapport as quickly as you can. When you connect with people in an intimate way, something happens. The
attraction you feel is not only emotional, but also chemical. These chemicals are part of your body’s natural neurological make-up. As you feel certain emotions, your body combines certain chemicals. There is a
scientific explanation for that state called chemistry. In fact, the specific procedures to create these states at will are the topic of my next book and current live seminars. It is absolutely amazing how quickly you can
discover the secret to creating an intense magnetic attraction with someone instantly! Later, in the section on creating chemistry I will take you through the process of creating this rapport instantly with anyone you
choose. After you learn the basics of creating rapport and analyzing personality, you may begin wondering about ways to learn more. Simply turn to Appendix C for the most current information on these advanced

One of the best ways to develop instant rapport with people is to discuss an intimate topic in a serious way. By analyzing handwriting, you can immediately bypass superficial fluff and have meaningful conversations
with people about what is really important: relationships, ideas, or feelings. After someone has shared a part of his life that only a few know, he feels close to you. This is another key to connecting with people.

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