Curiosity and Mystery
One of the essences of romance is the concept of mystery. Do you think the great Italian lovers ever charted out the evening of lovemaking? One of the greatest thrills of a person’s life is not knowing whether the person he is attracted to likes him or not. The anticipation of what might be makes the heart palpitate. It is the predictable men in this world who make good accountants but not great romantics. Also, women tend to be
drawn to the untamable male. Often, the more a man tends to be spontaneous, uncontrollable, and strong, the more the woman yearns for his attention. Also, a man who has a sense of mystery about him is very
sexy -- much like the modern day movie heroes Maverick (Tom Cruise) in Top Gun and Riggs (Mel Gibson) in Lethal Weapon. They were unpredictable, courageous, and mysterious. Most women would love to
be swept off their feet by a charming confident James Bond-agent 007. It is from the spirit of these great lovers and heroes that we derive a conceptual formula for what makes a man romantic. These rules apply to
both men and women.

If you are not perceived as a romantic, ask yourself if you fit any or none of the following characteristics of a romantic:

Spontaneous                            Unpredictable                        Sexy
Courageous                                  Strong                          Passionate
In Demand                                Independent                    Untamable
Confident                                   Mysterious                   Has a Purpose

One more trait, which could be on the list, is a “Sense of urgency” or “Last chance.” A man or woman is more likely to feel romantic and give in to passion if he/she believes it may be the last opportunity to do so.
This is why vacations are notoriously filled with flings and short romances. The lovers know if they procrastinate, their desires will go unfulfilled. Imagine telling a prospective lover, “You don’t have to sleep
with me tonight. I’ll be here tomorrow, the next day, and next month waiting for you. There’s no hurry.” On the same token, can you imagine a car salesman saying to you, “This is the lowest price I can go. It is a
great bargain! But, if you don’t want to buy right now, I will hold it for you indefinitely at this low price!” It won’t happen. Romance, like sales, takes advantage of the urgency of the moment and the state of passion.
Logic is not a part of romance. This is why someone with a high degree of logic, predictability, and self-centeredness is not very romantic. The spontaneity of eloping in Las Vegas is romantic; a logical pre-nuptial
agreement is not.

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