I am not Korean.  I do not speak Korean either. I do not understand Korean culture as well.

I am fond of watching Korean Dramas way back up to now. I am also into Korean food and cosmetic products. How can you not be persuaded if you see how flawless and beautiful their skin are.

What do you need to know about Korean Dramas?

1. Most Korean TV series are called kdramas. It would run from 16 - 24 episodes but it depends if they cut the short because of the ratings or is extend because of the good reviews.

2. No love making scenes on TV series. Basically, Republic of Korea is more of a conservative country. It is part of their culture. Skin ship are minimized. You will surely notice it when you watch it.

3. Kiss is a big deal. Kissing scenes are like pressing the lips slightly. But a few of Kdrams have interactive kissing scene. So do not expect to much.

4. Since it is not translated or dubbed. You should learn how to read faster with the subtitles or else you will be left behind. LOL!

5. The elders are basically with higher respect to them. Even if you are a month younger than someone, you have to pay respect. If you are a guy you will call Hyung (Older brother) or Nona (Older sister). If you are a girl you will call Oppa (older brother) and Unni (older sister).

6. Prepare to crave ramen, rice, and soju and shout out Aja!, and Fighting!

7. Family is a big huge deal.

8. Extensive plastic surgery is very common in Korea.

9. There is usually one “idol” in the cast.  An “idol” is a singer/performer/musician that also acts.

10.First Love is something very important to them. They are inclined with their First love. Mostly first love is like puppy love.

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