When I was young, my parents were very close to the Lu family in our neighborhood. The Lu couple has many sons and one daughter.

I grew up having them around. They were very much older than me. The youngest would be 7-8 years older than me. Every occassion we would gather together.

One day, I was in my 6th grade. I noticed that the younger Lu sibling was cute. He is Justin. We were not close and we just say hi and hello when we see each other. Primarily because of our age gap. We don't have things in common.

When I was in my senior year in middle school. I was with my friends in a mall and he saw me. Justin asked me about my parents and then told him to go home early or he will tell my parents what I am doing. I just smile and told him my parents know where I am amd it is okay. After that we became close because when we see each other in the neighborhood or else where we would talk comfortably.

Whenever he sees me outside our house after my class in the university, he would say hi. One night, a guy classmate gave me a hide home and he saw it. The next day he told my parents about it. My parents asked me who thay guy was and why would he gave me a ride. I told them that, he was just a classmate.

After many years, I was busy with school and he was already working out of the country. Whenever he goes home he would give my mom chocolates for me and some other thing.

When I was younger, I have been looking for a sign for the man I would love. I told myself that if a guy gave me a rosary then he is the right guy for me.

A yeat after, Justin was back again for vacation. He gave chocolates and gave a rosary to my mom for me.

I was shocked when I receive the rosary. I think something is wrong. Maybe it was coincidence. I shrug it off and dont pay attention to it.

After many years after, one neighbor told me that Justin likes me way way back. He told my dad about it but my dad told him that he doesnt want me to have a boyfriend yet or a boyfriend within the neighborhood. That is why he didn't pursue on courting me.

I was a bit surprised and remember the rosary I got from him.

Whenever I see him when he visits our house I feel awkward. I dont speak to him much as I used to before. I am much closer to his older brother. I am more comfortable now to his older brother, Daniel.

I am happily married now. On one of his visits to our house, I get to introduced my husband to him. He would just stare or try to talk but I am no longer comfortable talking to him. I prefer to talk more to his brother Daniel.

A year after that, he went again to my parents house on christmas holiday. I then ignore and talk only to Daniel and to my nephew and nieces. I know he noticed it and after that we never spoken again.

There are times that you cannot return to the where it was before. Those were the lost times.

I personally dont think of us be in a relationship. I really see him as an older brother.

I think he is already married, I wish them happiness too.

May you find your true love, have peace of mind, and eternal bliss.


Miss A.

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