Welcome back to reality.

I hope I made you think a bit. No more cheesy Hollywood films for the rest of the book, I promise!

Just as men have many traits in common (we like nice tits, asses, cute faces and big cars — or at least, most of us do), it’s the same with women. Even if they seem so different at times, they have many similarities in the way they think and especially in what they’re looking for in a man. I would like to give you an exercise. I know, I know … You hate those, but I promise you’ll enjoy this one.

Call up one of your friend girls, a girl you’re not dating and would consider to be a friend.
You might have wanted to lay her before, or vice versa, but it doesn’t matter now. Following is a list. Read it to her as if you’re describing her character. I guarantee that she’ll be surprised. If you did this to a random girl you didn’t even know, she would be like, “Wow, how do you know all this about me? Are you psychic or something?”

1. Sometimes you’re very emotional. At times like these, you don’t follow your common sense; it’s your feelings that guide you. Like when you’re with a guy, you don’t think with your mind; you don’t think rationally. Instead, you listen to your emotions and what your heart says about him.
2. On the other hand, you have a wild side as well. Sometimes you’re into adventures, challenges, doing wild things. You can even surprise yourself by doing something you never would have thought of.
3. In your relationships, you usually stay passive and expect the man to lead. You want a real man who can do it. On a first date or in a longer relationship, you don’t like to decide where to go. You like it when the man chooses the theater, the film and arranges everything — even when he tells you where to sit.
4. You like surprises. Most of your relationships become boring as time goes by. You get used to the same routines, places and boring sex. You want variety and changes. You want your man to surprise you sometimes and keep you on your toes, to feel the excitement of something new and unknown happening. You want a man who is creative enough to surprise you.
5. Little details are important to you. You always take a look at a man’s hands or shoes to see if they’re clean. Sometimes romantic moments, like holding your boyfriend’s hand, hugging and kissing, or just receiving a little, thoughtful something, are much more important than big, expensive gifts. Getting a postcard or a phone call and knowing that your boyfriend, or someone you care for, is thinking about you can make you really happy. Such small details can mean more to you than a big bank account or an expensive car.
6. You are oftentimes mildly critical of yourself. You stand in front of the mirror, looking here and there and noticing if something isn’t right. You’re looking for minor flaws or imperfections on your body. You hate to admit it, but sometimes you might even enjoy this. At times like this, you need a little validation. A compliment about your looks or an inquiring glance from a man can increase your self-esteem.
7. You also have very difficult, self-critical periods. When this happens, it’s not easy to tolerate you, and sometimes you wish that everybody would go away and leave you alone. You might be rude to people and guys even when you don’t intend to be. (Note: Women have periods. While periods don’t directly control men, women’s menstruation cycles play an important role in their lives. They sometimes get out of bed on the wrong side and are influenced too much by their emotions. A woman is more likely to brush you off on a bad day or when she’s having her period.)
8. Deep inside, you still believe in love at first sight. But it never really happened to you. You have a picture of the ideal man in your head, your Prince Charming, who will sweep you off your feet, put you on his white horse and rescue you from the castle. In each of your new relationships, you fantasize about it being perfect, but it never is. Your boyfriends might measure up to 60–70 percent of your ideal guy, but something is always missing.
9. When dating a new guy, it usually takes four to five dates before you say you’re going out with him. You want the man to initiate the first kiss, and you usually test a man. You set up hoops and expect him to jump through them. Sometimes you test men too much.
10. About sex: You like it when it “just happens.” You don’t like to plan anything in advance whether it’s the first time or the 100th. You like to be swept away by the moment. In bed, you stay passive, but take control when your wild side comes out. You like to experiment and try out new things.

So, what was the response? Was she stunned? How did you know all that about her? Don’t tell her you read about it in a book, OK? ☺ Remember what the list says? Excitement and surprises. Keep her on her toes. She’ll be speculating about where you got this info. Joke with her. Tell her you have a sixth sense or whatever. Just don’t tell the truth. If you want to strengthen the effect, you can even memorize the list. It’s not that hard. You might try acting like a prophet and “read” the list items in her cards, her palm or something else.

The list is a general description of an average girl who is in her early 20s and likes going out to clubs. Although it’s an amusing tool, it will help you get to know women better. Read that list many times, and notice the keywords: a real man, staying passive, expecting him to lead, emotions, excitement, variety, little details, being critical about herself and others, periods, love at first sight, Prince Charming. I’m going to talk about these in detail. For men, keywords would be something like: hot girls, good sex, cute faces, big tits and sexy butts, rational thinking, racing and competition, challenge, sports and cars. Compare the two, and you’ll begin to realize why it seems so hard to understand women at times. Ready for more fun? Read on.

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